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Botox can help with the excess of gum tissue

Botox Can Help With Exposure of Excess Gum Tissue in Your Smile

While it’s not uncommon to see the gum line exposed with a grin, many patients are choosing to correct this esthetic issue or “Gummy Smile” using Botox administered during their dental appointment. So what is classified to be a “gummy smile?” While there are multiple reasons a gummy smile may be present, a common cause is found in the diagnosis of Hypermobile Lip. When the muscle controlling the movement of your upper lip is hyperactive, the top rises higher than normal exposing ... Read more

Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie – A Recipe For Strong, Healthy Teeth

Keep your smile bright and your teeth healthy! Just like your bones, your teeth stay strong when you consume enough calcium and vitamin D.  Milk, Strawberries and broccoli are all foods that can help prevent trips to the dentist. Enjoy this Strawberry-Kiwi Smoothie to get some cavity-fighting nutrients. Refreshing and easy to make, one serving provides almost twice the amount of vitamin C you need for an entire day! Consume tooth-strengthening calcium and vitamin D from the milk in this strawberry smoothie. During ... Read more